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Project Description

A ready-to-use model-driven editor implementation in C# with WPF.


Aspect Audience Requirements Responses
Domain logic Conceptor Simplicity, high exhaustibility Symbol, Definition, Status, Fields, Rules
User Interface User Interactivity Icon, Label, Description
Domain specfic Interface Developer Extensibility Compiled class
Storage Database administrator Scability, Performance GUID, Compiled table
Transverse Maintenability


  • Generic editor for complex data documents.
  • Persistency and GUI are dynamically generated from model descriptions.
  • Support for concurrent sharing between multipe users.

Involved technics

  • A lot of DataBinding.
  • No XAML.

Current state

  • Still an Alpha for several weeks.
  • All fits in a standalone application.
  • Persistency can be a XML File or Database table.

User notes

* Model description files are in folder EmbeddedModels.

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